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AFRALTI has organized a 5 Day Training workshop in Quality of Service, Monitoring and Compliance in ICT.  The workshop will be conducted at AFRALTI, Nairobi, Kenya starting from 12th to 16th September 2016.

Course Overview:

Monitoring of the Quality of Service (QoS) requires the setting up of the regulatory framework that would provide the basis for the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry to maintain or improve the quality either in the presence or absence of competition. This also allows the ICT consumers to make informed choices in uptake of services. However, as much as recognition is given to the diverse work done by many ICT regulators in developing and publishing regulations on the monitoring of the quality of service, it is being noted that enforcement has been a challenge. There seem to be no satisfied Stakeholder being Consumer, Service Provider or the Regulator.

The innovation in the ICT Technologies and transition to the packet switching networks has led to the revisiting of the methods used by regulators in monitoring of QoS. It is pertinent that all stakeholders in the QoS obligations understand to ensure that the existing regulations and methods used to monitor the service provided by operators are aligned to the changes in the environment.

Target Audience:

This Workshop is targeted at all stakeholders involved in QoS frameworks, ICT Service Delivery, Regulatory Compliance, Customer Affairs especially practitioners such as Network Planners, Optimisation Engineers, Regulatory Managers, Enforcement Officers, Customer Service Managers as well as Consumer Rights Advocates.

Course Outline

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National Addressing System, National  Development and e-Commerce

National Addressing System, National Development and e-Commerce, Nairobi, Kenya 14th-25th May 2018
National Addressing System, National Development and e-Commerce, Arusha, Tanzania 16th-27th Jul 2018

Course Overview: National Addressing System (NAS) is the Key to e-Commerce, e-Finance, e-Navigation and Modern Postal Services. Governments are shifting to e-government systems and the internet and mobile technology has broken down barriers to communication and the way people interact and transact business. All these require ability to trace people or businesses to a location for deliveries and other services. This course will expose participants to the four components of National systems namely: Parent (Primary) addressing, Child (Secondary) addressing, Postcode system and Road signage and how they relate to national development, emergency, security, finance and postal/courier services. It will address policies that NAS requires to be put in place by the regulatory authority.

Target Audience: Communications Regulator Managers, Courier/Mail Service Regulator Managers, Road/Highway Regulator Managers, Physical Planners.

Value Proposition: Better Understanding of need for NAS and applicable policies.

Workshop Objectives: To provide participants with sufficient information about National Addressing System and policy framework.

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Please contact us for more details at training@afralti.org

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