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Network planning

  • Broadband and Wireless Networks
  • Common Channel Signaling System No.7 (CCSS No.7)
  • Fundamentals of WiMAX
  • GSM and GPRS
  • Introduction to Cellular Technology
  • Introduction to Satellite Communication
  • Introduction to Wireless Systems and Networks
  • Wireless Technologies (CDMA, WiMAX, WCDMA, WiFi etc)
  • Wireless Networking: Design and Implementation
  • Wireless Broadb and Networking
  • Mobile IP
  • IP Networks over Satellite
  • IP for 3G
  • WiMAX Technology
  • IP and SigTran
  • New Generation Networks: Technologies, Signalling & Network Management
  • Voice over IP Networks
  • Priciples and Design Criteria for IP Data Networks
  • VoIP and IP Telephony: Technology, Security and the Business Case
  • Telecommunications and Data Communicationfor Non Technical


Head of Network Planning Department


The department is headed by Mr. M. Noorani. He holds a BSc. (Liverpool) Degree in Electrical, and C. Eng (MIEE UK). He has over 20 years experience in telecommunications, digital switching and transmission; data communications; tariffs, traffic and cost accounting; LAN/WAN Networking combining both field experience as well as Lecturing.

Any queries pertaining to training and consultancy requirements in this area of specialization can be referred to him on Tel. +254-20-4440633/34 and on his email address: mknoorani@afralti.org