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Duration: 4 weeks, 9am to 11am, 5.30 to 7.30pm

Venue: AFRALTI, Nairobi, Kenya



CCNA Cyber Ops introduces the core security concepts and skills needed to monitor, detect, analyze and respond to cybercrime, cyber-espionage, insider threats, advanced persistent threats, regulatory requirements, and other cybersecurity issues facing organizations. It emphasizes the practical application of the skills needed to maintain and ensure security operational readiness of secure networked systems


Students enrolled in technology degree programs at institutions of higher education and IT professionals who wants to pursue a career in Security Operations.


The participants are required to have the following pre-requisite skills:

  • CCNA Routing and Switching
  • PC and Internet navigation skills
  • Basic Windows and Linux system concepts
  • Basic Networking concepts
  • Binary and Hexadecimal understanding
  • Awareness of basic programming concepts
  • Awareness of basic SQL queries
  • Familiarity with Cisco Packet Tracer, a network simulation application.



To the Student

  • Gain understanding and handson experience on how to detect and respond to security incidents
  • Understand how organizations deal with cybercrime, cyberespionage, insider threats, advanced persistent threats, regulatory requirements, and related issues
  • Gain job-ready practical skills for in-demand job roles in cybersecurity operations
  • Prepare for industry recognize CCNA Cybersecurity Operations certification


To the Academy

  • Strengthen institution’s reputation as a leader in teaching high demand technology
  • Strengthen relationship with national and local employers
  • Strengthen ability to recruit students
  • Enhance students’ employability



  • 13 Chapters, modifiable chapter quizzes and chapter exams
  • 13 terms & concepts practice quizlets
  • 54 interactive activities
  • 45 hands-on labs (27 uses VM)
  • 5 Packet Tracer activities
  • One each: Skill-based assessment, practice final exam, final exam
  • 2 certification practice exams



This course aligns to the following exams

  • 210-250 SECFND
  • 210-255 SECOPS



This course will enable the learner to:

  • Explain the role of Cybersecurity Operations Analyst
  • Learn Operating Systems features needed to support cybersecurity analyses
  • Explain operation of network infrastructure and classify the various network attacks
  • Analyze the operation of network protocols and services; and use monitoring tools to identify
  • Use various methods to prevent malicious access to computer hosts and data
  • Explain the impacts of cryptography on network security monitoring
  • Explain how to investigate and evaluate endpoint vulnerabilities and network security alerts
  • Use virtual machines to implement, evaluate, and analyze cybersecurity threat events
  • Analyze network intrusion data to identify compromised hosts and vulnerabilities
  • Apply incident response model (CSIRSTs and NIST) to manage security incidents.


The course is conducted by experienced Networking and information security specialists who possess the CCNA CyberSecurity Operations Certification

AFRALTI is a Cisco Academy Training Centre Accredited by Cisco Systems Inc.