The institute offers a wide range of workshops and courses in the area of Digital Technology & Management Information Systems, Telecommunication Engineering and Management. With our team of highly experienced facilitators who hold qualifications and relevant industry certifications, we provide unrivaled training solutions in the region.


Areas of Expertise: The institute offers a wide range of workshops and courses in the following areas:

Telecommunications Engineering

  • Next Generation Networks
  • Satellite Communication
  • Ethernet Backhauling for Mobile Networks
  • Softswitch Systems
  • Voice Over Internet Protocols and MPLS
  • IP for Next Generation Networks
  • Emerging Networking Technologies
  • Wireless Technologies

Telecommunications Policy, Management and Regulation

  • Employee Performance & Wellness
  • Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy
  • Quality of Service, Monitoring & Compliance
  • Competition Law
  • Project Management in Telecommunications
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • ICT Policy & Regulation
  • ICT Trends and Use of Social Media
  • ICT E-Government
  • Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance
  • Interconnection Business
  • Telecoms Policy and Regulations
  • Network Cost Model Development
  • Strategic Planning for ICT
  • ICT Marketing Strategy



  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • CCNA Security
  • PC Hardware & Software (A+)


  • Huawei Certified Data Associate (HCDA)
  • Huawei Certified Data Professional (HCDP)

Certified Fibre Optics Training

  • Fibre Optics Basics – Certified Fibre Optics Technician (CFOT)
  • Premises Cabling Systems – Certified Premises Cabling Technician (CPCT)
  • Outside Plant Fibre Optics – Certified Fibre Optics Specialist in Outside Plant Cabling (CFOS/O)


  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
  • Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE.NET / CASE JAVA)
  • Certified Network Defender (CND)
  • Disaster Recovery (EDRP)
  • EC-Council Incident Handling (ICIH)
  • Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)
  • Certified SOC Analyst (CSA)
  • EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)
  • Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)
  • Fundamentals of Information Security (FD IS)
  • Fundamentals of Computer Forensics (FD CF)
  • Fundamentals of Network Security (FD NS)
  • EC-Council Security Specialist (ECSS)

Research and Consultancy in the ICT Field

  • Feasibility studies and market analysis
  • Network planning and design
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documents
  • Billing systems and management
  • Interconnection negotiations and management
  • Interference and spectrum analysis
  • Lighting, power surges and transients protection
  • Telecommunication standards and QoS testing
  • Tele-traffic engineering
  • Fraud and Revenue Assurance
  • Test approval of telecoms equipement
  • Calibration of test equipment
  • Network Security
  • IT Auditing