Swara Program: IoT, Machine Learning, and Robotics

Prerequisites and Requirements

• Raspberry Pi 3B/4B (Optional)

Program Outline

  • Concepts

◦ Computer/Embedded Systems [CPU, Memory, I/O, Storage, OS, etc]

◦ Computer Networks, the Internet, and IoT [Communication Protocols and Transports]

◦ Applied AI [ML/DL for Vision and Speech (ASR, NLU)]

◦ Electrical Science [Voltage, Current, Ohms Law, Capacitance, Inductance, ElectroMagn,

etc; Actuators (DC/Servos motors, LED, Relay/Solenoid, etc), Sensors (Temp, PIR,Humidity, etc)]

  • Projects

◦ Assembling and Controlling an IoT-based Remote-Controlled Vehicle

◦ Training an Autonomous Smart ToyCar with Computer Vision and Machine Learning

◦ Assembling and Launching a UAV (Drone)

Swara Program: IoT, Machine Learning, and Robotics, Commencing Aug 2020

Program Duration and Cost

  • Duration: 10hrs
  • Fees: 10,000/= (Tuition), 5,000/= (components)