Big Data analytics allow organizations to make better business decisions by deriving value from vast amounts of untapped data. This course provides the knowledge and skills to build competitive strategies around data-driven insights. Further, you leverage an overall lifecycle approach using sophisticated data modeling within your Big Data analytics projects.


 Optimize business decisions and create competitive advantage with Big Data analytics

 Perform predictive analysis using the appropriate data mining approach

 Use Python to create code that reads data and stores it in a SQL database.

 Visualize, clean, manipulate and integrate data sets.

 Learn fundamental principles of Big Data platforms like Hadoop.

 Use storytelling to present insights gained from extracted data.

 Derive business benefit from unstructured data

 Apply the data analytics life cycle approach to Big Data


Big Data & Analytics

Chapter 0 Course Introduction

Chapter 1 Data and the Internet of Things

Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Data Analysis

Chapter 3 Data Analysis

Chapter 4 Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Chapter 5 Storytelling with Data

Chapter 6 Architecture for Big Data and Data Engineering


This course is intended for data analytics, data scientists, businesses analysts and professionals interested in gaining understanding of data analytics. The course will be useful for those professionals involved in forecasting and trends management.

6 Nov - 1st Dec 20234 WeeksOnline
15th Jan - 9th Feb 20244 WeeksOnline
5th Feb - 1st Mar 20244 WeeksOnline