AFRALTI became a Cisco Regional Academy in October 2002.  Owing to its professionalism and technical competence, AFRALTI was appointed by Cisco to oversee the growth and maintenance of quality of the Cisco programme in the East African Region. As the Academy Support Centre (ASC), we support the Academy Programme in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Seychelles and Reunion & Djibouti.  Apart from the regional responsibilities, AFRALTI (ASC) also conducts training for regular students.

In September 2012, AFRALTI was recognized by Cisco for a decade of active participation in the Academy Programme.

AFRALTI (ASC)  is recognized for the following:

    • Quality and excellence in the delivery of the programmes.
    • Giving students enough practical experience that develops problem solving skills.
    • Connecting graduate students to potential employers / job placement for academy students.
    • Students performance tracking.

Cisco Academy Courses

7 Module User

OverviewRegister Now!Overview Leads to obtaining the European Informatic Passport; the most used and recognised IT certificate in all areas. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Familiarising with the hardware part of the computer, the different type of networks and connecting to the internet, organising files and folders, installing and uninstalling programmes. Exchanging information through email, managing mail [...]


OverviewRegister Now!Overview BASIC For beginners. The programme begins with the introduction of basic skills, in line with the European Community e-competence Framework for ICT Users. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Familiarising with the hardware part of the computer; the different type of networks and how to connecting to the internet; organising files and folders, installing and [...]


OverviewRegister Now!Overview PRESENTATIONS An effective well-prepared presentation could make the difference between “losing” or “being successful” Don’t be unprepared. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Organising the content using graphs and multimedia effects. Presenting an idea, a product, a marketing plan, research results, or a project, in the context of study or work. Viewing and archiving presentations. [...]


OverviewRegister Now!Overview SPREADSHEETS Creating and managing workbooks and spreadsheets; using formulae, functions and graphs to optimise work. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Using all tools available through spreadsheet software. Apply of formulae and functions. Analyses and organization of data, using graphs and printing of spreadsheets. Creating workbooks and spreadsheets, and activating protection systems.   HOW CAN [...]

Word Processing

OverviewRegister Now!Overview WORD PROCESSING Microsoft Word is the best application for writing text only if you know how to use it. Expedite work, using the right skills. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Creating a document and organising its content. Swiftly producing and sharing text documents with ease. Automating the document, printing it and archiving it. Cooperating [...]

IT Security

OverviewRegister Now!Overview IT SECURITY Your computer will have no more secrets for you! Learn how to protect the computer from threats and vulnerabilities. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Identifying and addressing major cyber security threats, such as malware and social engineering attacks. Learning all the prevention methods and behavioural patterns, such as netiquette and confidentiality. Minimising [...]

Web Collaboration

OverviewRegister Now!Overview WEB COLLABORATION Discovering the potential of web communication services, protecting personal data and devices, whilst collaborating online with colleagues. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Setting up accounts for accessing communication services and changing their settings to suit particular needs. Combining new communication systems, such as social networks and planning tools. Efficient use of the [...]

Web Browsing

OverviewRegister Now!Overview WEB BROWSING Perform searches that lead to useful results through shortcuts, taking advantage of all the useful tips and rules for surfing the web. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Using the Internet to search for information and for a proficient use of online services. Using the browser with all its features and all its [...]

ICT Fundamentals

OverviewRegister Now!Overview ICT FUNDAMENTALS Hardware and software, file and folder management, internet and networks, green and safe computer use: discovering the logic and functioning of the computer. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Defining the function of the computer system by identifying its hardware and software; applying the principles of energy saving. Organising data information correctly, through [...]


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