Course Overview:

Today, the Internet has become an integral part of modern societies with over 2.4 billion users connected in the world. This has in turn created a new realm for malicious users to perpetrate fraud, theft and forgery and transmit illegitimate content just as it happens in the traditional offline setup.

Government agencies, business organizations and individuals are nowadays depending on the Internet to fulfill their obligations and business objectives. With the sophistication cyber attacks, availability of user-friendly attack tools, loopholes in legal frameworks, organized online crimes, vulnerabilities in hardware and software systems, cyber security continues to be the greatest concern.

This intensive 5-day course discusses the safeguards that should be taken to ensure that government agencies, business organizations and end users benefit from the full advantages of Internet. The course also prepares participants for security related certifications like CISA, CISM, CISSP among others.

 Pain Points:

 Information Security management is poised with numerous challenges that deter it from achieving the core objectives namely:

 Value Proposition:

A new study reveals that boardroom executives are still unaware of cyber threats, much to the chagrin of those working in information security. Information security requires a clear understanding of relevant technological issues and of the social/organizational issues, as well as the relationships between them. This workshop covers these concerns by:

AFRALTI has organized Cyber Security & Risk Analysis workshop from 11th – 15th August 2014. More details as follows:

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AFRALTI Member States USD950

Non-AFRALTI Member States: USD1,140

Reference materials

A Framework for International Cooperation in Cybersecurity