Digital technology and MIS
The department of Digital Technologies & IT delivers advanced technology courses that address the growing demand of  ICT professionals. Under the Cisco Networking Academy Programme, the department offers various Cisco Academy courses including IT Essentials, CCNA, CCNA Security and CCNP through a blended learning methodology involving Instructor-led classes, Labs on actual netwoking equipment, up-to-date study material and evaluation. Our courses can be delivered as indicated or they can be customized to address your specific staff development needs.

Course Duration Fees(Ksh) Fees (USD)
IT essentials Instructor Training (Cisco Academy Program) 6 Weeks 20,000 268
CCNA (Cisco Academy Program) 6 Months 52,000 690
CCNA Instructor Training (Cisco Academy Program) 4 weeks 50,000 667
Structured Cabling 5 Days 42,000 560
Linux Essentials 2 weeks 15,000 200
Linux Administration 5 Days 20,000 267
Deploying Ipv6 6 Days 42,000 560
CCNA Security (Cisco Academy Program) 6 weeks 42,000 560
CCNA Security for Instructors (Cisco Academy Program) 5 Days 42,000 560
Network Security 5 Days 42,000 560
CCNP (Cisco Academy Program) 4 Months 95,000 1,267
Deploying MPLS 5 Days 60,000 800
Emerging Networking Technologies (Ipv6, VoIP, MPLS) 5 Days 45,000 600
IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs 5 Days 42,000 560
IT Governance and Auditing 5 Days 42,000 560
CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) 3.5 months 48,000 640
IP Networking for Service Provider – Intermediate 2 Weeks 63,750 850
IP Networking for Service Provider – Intermediate 2 Weeks 63,750 850

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Head of Digital Technologies & MIS


James Makwanda heads the Digital Technology and Management Information Systems department. James holds a MSc Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering from Havana University, underwent two year IEE-accredited Graduate Engineer training programme in Telecommunications and became a Professional Engineer. He has more than 10 years experience in telecommunications especially in LAN and WAN Networking.

Mr. Makwanda has worked for Tel* One Zimbabwe, the country’s top fixed network provider responsible for planning and installations of LANS & WANS Networks country wide and providing the Internet and Data backbone to the ISPs and the individual end users. He also received further training in:

  • Data Networks Technology and Planning (England 1998)
  • Data Communications and Networks (England 2002)
  • Integrated Services Digital Networks (Japan 2000)

Mr. Makwanda is certified in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI) and is currently studying for CCNA Security certifications.