GVF Satellite Training

GVF’s award-winning program encompasses operation, installation, and maintenance of VSAT, marine, and mobile/SNG satellite terminals,
in addition to  general satcom theory.

With over 20 learning courses and 15 certifications, the GVF Training and Certification Program has been the standard for satellite communications since 2005.
Interactive, simulator-based online training makes GVF training globally available, highly effective, efficient, and low cost.

Enhanced Training Services

All GVF courses are now available as part of  an Enhanced Training Services (ETS)  package. GVF ETS combines the benefits of  a private learning system with
the power of the full GVF curriculum plus custom courses and certifications, all managed and supported on GVF’s advanced training program infrastructure.

AFRALTI-GVF Online courses on offer:
[tab] [tab_item title=”General Sitcom”]
Category Course Fee (USD)
General Satcom GVF500 Ed2 Introduction to Satellite Communications $224.50
[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Fixed VSAT”]
Category Course Fee (USD)
Fixed VSAT GVF510 $137.50
GVF520 $175.00
GVF521 $137.50
GVF520, GVF521 bundle $268.75
GVF503i $390.00
GVF503G $240.00
GVF503H $390.00
[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Marine VSAT”]
Category Course Fee (USD)
Marine VSAT GVF561 $100.00
GVF562E $175.00
GVF562E-IMA $175.00
GVF503E* $725.00
GVF503E-S1 $275.00
GVF561, GVF562E bundle $275.00
GVF562E-IMA, GVF503E-S1 bundle $350.00
GVF561, GVF562E, GVF503E bundle* $1,000.00
GVF561, GVF562E, GVF503E, GVF520 bundle* $1,250.00
GVF561, GVF562E, GVF562E-IMA, GVF503E,
GVF503E-S1, GVF520 bundle*
[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Mobile/SNG/Auto-deploy/Teleport Uplinking”]
Category Course Fee (USD)
Mobile/SNG/Auto-deploy/Teleport Uplinking BAPO Exam $75.00
GVF530 $150.00
GVF530, BAPO Exam Bundle $150.00
GAPO Exam $75.00
GVF531 $125.00
GVF530, GVF531, GAPO Exam Bundle $275.00
BTO Exam $75.00
GVF532 $350.00
GVF530, GVF531, GVF532, BTO Exam bundle $625.00
ATO Exam $75.0
[/tab_item] [/tab]

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