Managing Covid -19 Disruptions On Postal, Courier And Logistics Operations In Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Africa on 14 February 2020 with the first confirmed case in Egypt. As of 8th September 2020, the number of confirmed corona virus cases in Africa stood at 1,306,750 with recoveries at 1,045,694 and corona virus deaths at 31,504. South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt have each reported more than 50,000 cases.

The pandemic has disrupted livelihoods and businesses as well as economies, politics, social issues, legal processes, culture and technological advancements across Africa. According to a joint survey by The Economic Commission for Africa and International Economics Consulting Ltd conducted from 16th June to 20th July 2020 on the economic impact of Covid 19, the top three challenges faced by companies are:

a) Reduced opportunities to meet new customers;
b) Drop in demand, and;
c) Lack of cash flow.

Postal and courier operators involved in the movement and flow of goods have not been spared. As Africa battles to curb the spread of Covid- 19, with quarantines, curfews, movement restrictions, partial and total lockdowns and border closures, logistics, postal, courier and transport services were classified as essential services and allowed to operate. However, operations have been adjusted to meet protocols and health guidelines by the World Health Organization and National governments.

In this course, we discuss the impact of Covid- 19 on postal, courier and logistics firms, analyse various initiatives and responses to the crisis, and the way forward to survive and thrive in these uncertain times.

Pain Points:

1. Declining sales revenues,
2. Declined demand for services especially in the first three months of the pandemic in Africa,
3. Strain on cash flows,
4. Changing customer demands and expectations,
5. Inability to access road networks, air and sea carriers during border closures and lockdowns,
6. Low operating capacity e.g. Idle fleet, staff layoffs or working from home arrangements,
7. Inadequate performance management during the pandemic,
8. Inadequate preparations to respond to a pandemic,
9. Over reliance on manual process and semi- automated operations,
10. Inadequate information on Covid -19 within organizations,
11. Changing compliance requirements, regulations and protocols.

Value Proposition:

Participants will gain knowledge on how different postal, courier, logistics and transport organizations are responding to the challenges posed by Covid- 19. They will also share and learn about new opportunities within the crisis as the sector transitions to the new normal.


PowerPoint presentations, discussions, case studies, question and answer sessions.

Workshop Objectives:

The objective of this training session is to address the impact of Covid- 19 on postal, courier and logistics businesses and enhance the participants’ skills in managing their businesses during the Covid- 19 pandemic for survival and successful cross over to the post pandemic era.

Workshop Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

1. Analyze the impact of Covid- 19 on the sector in Africa,
2. Determine mitigating strategies.
3. Plan for their businesses after the crisis.

Workshop Contents/Topics:

a) Review of the Covid- 19 status in Africa,
b) Effects of Covid- 19 on postal, courier, transport and logistics services,
c) Warning signs in your business during Covid- 19,
d) Opportunities within the crisis,
e) Strategies, initiatives and activities to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on your business,
f) Transforming your organization into a 21st century competitive business in the new normal.


FACILITATOR BRIEF (Brief details on the Facilitator with emphasis on this particular training):

This course has been developed by an expert who has a passion in delivering customer service excellence. She has been in customer service management for 11 years. She is a member of the Kenya Institute of Management, Institute of Customer Experience and a Board member of the Courier Industry of Kenya since 2011.

She holds a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management from The University of Nairobi and an International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK).

She is currently a Director and Lead consultant at Ianstar Ltd, a firm that is certified as a training service provider by the National Industrial Training Authority of Kenya.

Target Audience:
Postal, courier and logistics’ business employees, managers, owners and sector stakeholders

Three months experience in the sector.

Duration: 2 Days
Date: 26th -27th October 2020
Mode of delivery: Online (ZOOM- 2 Hours & Moodle-2 Hours) every day