The early years are a critical period that greatly shape and determine the course of one’s life. Consequently, chances that an individual will attain their full potential are heightened when their natural talents are encouraged and nurtured during this early stage.

We present AFRALTI STEM, a series of mentorship programs for the inquisitive young mind. Subject themes revolve around IoT, AI, and Robotics.

The programs are organized into modules. Each module targets a specific age range:

MODULE A: Junior Computing and Digital Technology (14yr – 17yr)

Module Overview

This module teaches practical computing and basic digital electronics skills. It leverages modern

technologies and teaches repurposing of (otherwise mere) consumer devices and products such as

smartphones/tablets as tools for practical IoT innovation.

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MODULE A: Junior Computing and Digital Technology

Kiboko Program: IoT, Commencing April 2020

Chui Program: Coding/Programming, Commencing June 2020

Kifaru Program: Physical Computing and Computer Interfacing Electronics, Commencing July 2020

MODULE B: Junior Robotics (14yr – 17yr)

Module Overview

Robotics encompasses a spectrum of scientific and engineering disciplines; from computer science

and AI to mechanical and electronics engineering. The programs in this module employ use-case

prototypes to introduce students to widely used concepts in Engineering and the Applied Sciences.

Topics range from Algorithms in Machine Learning to Mobile Robot Kinematics and Control

Systems Theory.

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MODULE B: Junior Robotics

Simba Program: Applied AI and Computer Vision for Mobile Robots, Commencing July 2020

Ndovu Program: Motion Control for Mobile Robots, Commencing Aug 2020

MODULE C: Young Innovator (10yr – 13yr)

Module Overview

This is a hands-on program designed to capture the youngster’s imagination. Robotics-oriented

applications are used to illustrate the fundamental concepts that underlie modern day Internet, IoT,

and AI infrastructure.

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MODULE C: Young Innovator

Swara Program: IoT, Machine Learning, and Robotics, Commencing Aug 2020

Sungura Program: Coding/Programming, Commencing Sep 2020