About the course

Working with information in textual, tabular or graphic format, kids learn to analyze information, use a computer, search for information on the Internet correctly and safely, communicate (in real life and online) and cooperate


  • With a certified teacher online
  • 2-4 months
  • 7 – 9 years old
  • Groups of up to 6 children
  • 1-2 times a week
  • 90 minutes

We will teach kids how to use the key features of editors to present information in different forms: textual, tabular and graphical.


We will get students interested and motivate them by creating an atmosphere of the game in the classroom.


Along with the storyline heroes, they will solve problems, create missing items for a real game using digital tools.

What will a child learn in a programming course:

  • Interact with computer
  • Tools and practices for working with textual, graphic and tabular information
  • Work in tandem
  • Undertake difficult tasks and not to be afraid of mistakes
  • Safe independence of students while working on a computer used the computer not only for entertainment, but also as a tool for solving school and daily tasks