Broadcast Local Content Development

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AFRALTI  will be running a 5 Day Training workshop on Broadcast Local Content Development for Global Outreach towards Digitization starting from 23rd to 27th February 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Course Overview: The need for broadcast stakeholders to position themselves into the analogue to digital migration era and take control of their future cannot be overemphasized. This course will offer strategies on how to generate content within a locality but with crossover appeal to gain cross-boundary audiences.

Target Audience: The course is designed for radio, television and film producers; and those aspiring to pursue a career in content development.

Pre-requisite/s: Although tertiary level education in any field may be ideal, those with less could cope.

Pain Points: Those without prior content generation experience may require extra efforts to cope. However, strong interest and high motivation in content development may overcome the pain point.

Value Proposition: The course participant will have a broad based outlook of how to source content locally and in its original form; shape concepts to metamorphose into program content; and position the content to satisfy cross cultural appeals.

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