The five day course will give participants knowledge and skills they need  to determine demand for optical fiber network by collecting data. It will show how to present this data for evaluation. Participants will learn how to carry out detailed design such as route planning, type and quantity of components requirements for outside plant and premises network. The course also covers, documentation project management, making project proposals and choosing contractor.

5- Day Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to design Collecting data
    1. Customer requirements
    2. Technology requirements
    3. Business requirements
    4. Environmental requirements
    5. Vendor requirements
  • Carrying out preliminary survey
  • Fundamental design
  • Making preliminary estimates
  • Analysing options
  • Seeking approvals
  • Documentation at preliminary stage
  • Detailed survey
  • Data processing


Day 2

  1. Link power budget
  2. Determining Copper, fiber and wireless combination
  3. Choosing Transmission equipment requirements
  4. Choosing components for premises cabling
  5. Choosing components for Outside plant
  6. Making detailed estimates
  7. Documentations at detailed design stage
  8. Making request for proposal / Request for quotations Evaluations of bids


Day 3

  1. Planning to install
  2. Develop test plan
  3. Planning for restoration
  4. Choosing a contractor
  5. Managing project
  6. Final tests
  7. Documentation


Case study 1 – Fibre to the Home

Day 4

Case study 3 – Long Distance telecom Network

Case Study 5 – Campus LAN backbone

Day 5

Case Study 8 – CCTV surveillance Link


Course evaluation and closing


Administering of Test: Written CFOT Test (approx 2 hours)

Reference materials Textbook: Fiber Optics Reference Guide by Jim Hayes, Supplementary Study Materials includes Workbook and Lab Manual.

Pre-requisite: CFOT or CPCT

Duration: 5 days