Children and Mobile Technology (Child Online Protection)

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Course Overview

Children and young people are among the most avid users of mobile technologies, which can have a tremendously positive impact on their lives. Like any tool, however, mobile technologies can be used to cause harm, and parents, governments and industry have a role in protecting and supporting children who are connected. This course looks at the issue from several angles, including cultural differences regarding children’s use of mobile devices, child online protection and whether regulation is necessary.

Use of mobile technology offers children new ways to learn and exposes them to people from different segments of society and encourages creativity. Benefits can include:

  • Skills for employment
  • Enhanced formal and informal education and learning
  • Information and services to aid in health and well-being
  • Improved social engagement
  • Opportunities to be creative

Mobile devices increasingly play a role in formal education and informal learning. In developing and rural areas, as well as places where some — girls in particular — are excluded from formal education, mobile connectivity offers new opportunities to learn.

Children and Mobile Technology (Child Online Protection): 21st – 22nd August 2014 (Dar es salaam, Tanzania)

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