Master of Communications Management by eLearning (eMCM) January 2016 intake

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Master of Communications Management by eLearning (eMCM)

AFRALTI in collaboration with United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA) and Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) is offering Master of Communications Management by eLearning (eMCM) with option of attending four seminars. eMCM is designed for people working in the following Sectors: ICT Regulators, Telecom Operators, ICT Policy Makers and Internet Service Providers and Broadcasters.

Modules offered are as follows:

  • Strategic Management for ICT,  15th January – 5th April 2016
  • Project Management for ICT,  8th April –  5th July 2016
  • Legal, Regulatory, Policy & Environment of a Converged Society, 8th July – 4th October 2016 and
  • Human Capital Management and Development for Information Society,  7th October – 29th December 2016

These four modules can be completed whilst participants are in full time employment.

Once the participant has completed the four modules can register for dissertation, 2ndJanuary – 25th May 2017 for the completion of Master of Communications Management by eLearning (eMCM).

Optional seminars will be organized to help participants get blended learning and also be able to interact with other registered students across Africa. In 2016, seminars will be conducted in Lusaka, Nairobi and Lilongwe with the support of Regulators in the respective Countries.  Each two day seminar will attract registration fee of US$250 per person. A minimum of 20 participants will be required for AFRALTI to conduct seminar.

The participant would be required to be a degree holder with a minimum of three years working experience in ICT sector.

It will take one year and six months to complete eMCM at a cost of GBP3,000 (equivalent to US$5,010 at the current rate) tuition fee only for participants from AFRALTI member states. For privately sponsored students, here is the Payment Schedule.

Please fill the International Student Application Form and submit electronically to the address below before or on 30th November 2015 for the Programme starting in January 2016, application fee is US$50.

Mr. Jonathan P. Mwakijele,
Programme Coordinator,


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