Fiber To The Home

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AFRALTI as approved FOA School will be conducting a 5 Day training workshop on Certified Fiber To The Home.  The course will start on 19th to 23rd January 2015 at AFRALTI premises. For those who cannot make it, you can register for the course starting on 26th to 30th January 2015.

School name:  AFRALTI, School # 758

Name of course : FIBER TO THE HOME (FTTH)

Certification to be given: CFOS/H

Pre-requisite: CFOT or CPCT

Course Description: The course will cover Fiber to the home theory, design, installation and testing and trouble shooting. There will  be practicals in cable preparation, splicing, termination and testing. This will be done using classroom power point presentations and lab work.

Course Outline – Certified Fiber To The Home – FTTH (CFOS/H)

Registration Form – FTTH (19th – 23rd Jan 2015)

Registration Form – FTTH (26th-30th Jan 2015)


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