Human Resources Training Programme 2018

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AFRALTI will be running five HR modules targeting HR Professionals. The course will start from 19th to 30th November 2018 at Flamingo Pride Inn Beach Resort, Mombasa, Kenya.

The modules are as follows

1) HR Admin
2) Job Analysis
3) Job Evaluation
4) Talent Sourcing / Recruitment and
5) HR Audit

Human Resources Administration

Course Overview

Gain an overall understanding of human resources as it relates to an organization’s goals and strategic objectives. Participants will examine the issues of human resources management and its various functions, activities and processes. Human resources policies, procedures and programs in large and small organizations, as well as specialized functions including staff planning, HR records management, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Internal and external communication, health and safety will be discussed.

HR Admin Course Outline

Job Analysis

Course Overview

By implementing and managing a framework for job analysis, understanding all the roles in an organisation and describing them through job profiles, HR professionals directly contribute to building a successful organisational culture and a professional team committed to the company’s objectives. A suitable grade and salary structure that supports the needs of the organisation are also part of performance management responsibilities of HR representatives.

This comprehensive training course gives you with key job analysis tools and provide a detailed overview of how to perform a job evaluation, including an introduction to the most commonly used best practice tools.

HR – Job Analysis Course Outline

Job Evaluation

Course Overview

Job evaluation is the systematic and objective process of comparing one job to another within an organisation to arrive at different job levels. It does so without looking at individual characteristics, personality or performance. Individual abilities and efforts may be taken into account and reflected in the employee’s earnings, but this is entirely different from the grading of the job. Job evaluation grades the job, not the person. Neither individual effort nor labour market conditions are taken into account when conducting the grading. A job evaluation system enables the equitable distribution of wages and salaries, rewarding each employee for the position that they hold and their duties and responsibilities.

HR- Job Evaluation Course Outline

Talent Sourcing / Recruitment

Course Overview

This is a very practical, how-to workshop – not death-by-power point best-practices training. Participants will work on real scenarios, generate real sourcing strategies and candidates, and learn how to find people who aren’t on LinkedIn, get their contact info, engage with them via email, InMail, and phone, and leverage the productivity tools of world-class sourcers to squeeze more sourcing success out of each day.

HR – Talent Sourcing – Recruitment Course Outline

Human Resources Audit

Course Overview

It is vitally important for HR to keep pace with the demands of dynamic business environments and legal frameworks. The HR audit is used to highlight areas of weakness in the HR function, areas that can be improved and even areas where there are no policies or procedures. To avoid costly litigation your policies, procedures and processes must re­flect the law, which frequently changes. The HR audit is an essential preventative strategy to ensure you remain legally compliant.

HR Audit Course Outline

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