Managing Regulatory Compliance Training

In Sept 2022, participants from the National Communication Authority (NCA) of South Sudan completed the inaugural 5 days training at AFRALTI main campus in Managing Regulatory Compliance.

The course covers management of regulatory compliance – a management role with responsibility for regulatory officers who enforce and promote compliance with legislation. It includes interpreting and advising on enabling and related legislation; developing and implementing strategies to promote long-term voluntary compliance and develop a culture of compliance in the community; and providing strategic advice on compliance matters.

AFRALTI invites registration from all Regulatory and Compliance and Operations Officers with responsibility in:

  1. undertaking planning and information analysis
  2. engaging in mentoring and coaching others
  3. interpreting complex written materials
  4. preparing written reports requiring formal structure
  5. providing oral advice to a range of audiences requiring adaptation of style and language
  6. using active listening and questioning to confirm understanding
  7. responding to diversity, including gender and disability
  8. applying occupational health and safety and environment legislation in the context of regulatory compliance


As a participant, you will need to have an understanding of:

  1. enabling legislation
  2. strategic management of regulatory compliance
  3. equal opportunity, equity, and diversity principles
  4. organizational reporting procedures
  5. public sector policy and legislation including occupational health and safety and environment relating to the management of regulatory compliance


For more details of the course and registration, kindly write to or call/chat +254 710 207061.