Running a Courier Business, Nairobi, Kenya, 28th Nov-2nd Dec 2016

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Course Overview

 Since the postal market liberalization in 1998, the courier industry has experienced exponential growth in network capacity, revenues, profitability, assets, service offering, human resource, IT capabilities and the number of operators.

However, the postal and courier sector has also been facing various business environmental challenges. There is need for new and existing postal and courier firms to strategize and re- strategize to adapt, survive and thrive in the dynamic business environment.

This course provides a 360o management perspective. Participants will holistically review the courier businesses focusing on the business, industry trends, the market, operations and regulatory requirements as well as pro-economic factors.

All participants who attend the full session of the training module will be issued with a course completion certificate.


Target Audience

Supervisors and Managers in the Postal and Courier Sector


Pain Points

 a)     Emerging new technological capabilities and applications,

b)     Growth of e- commerce,

c)     Changes in customer expectations,

d)     Changes in the regulatory environment,

e)     Increased competition,

f)       Declining mail volumes,

g)     Increased operational costs- fuel, labor, electricity,

h)     Security risks,

i)        Staff  productivity management,

j)        Inadequate human capacity training and development,

k)      Poor road infrastructure and addressing systems,

l)        Increased cost of capital

m)  Changes in political, economical and social environment,

 Value Proposition

 Participants will examine courier demand and gain insights into creating marketing, sales, operations, human capital and cost management solutions.

Course fee

USD1,200 for a 5 day course, the fee covers course materials, lunches and refreshments.

Course Outline

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