ITSO/ITU/AFRALTI Satellite Communications Training

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Satellite Communications Training Workshop 

The training is part of the capacity building partnership entered into between the ITU and the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) for delivery of Satellite Communications training.

This training is addressed to Regulators, Broadcasters and Operators in the ICT sector. It covers a wide range of issues related to Satellite Communications and Regulatory issues, including the role of regional and international satellite communications organizations. It will  be delivered in English.

The following topics will be addressed:

– Basics of satellite communications
– Policy and regulatory guidelines for satellite services
– Network planning and link budget analysis
– VSAT installation and maintenance
– VSAT equipment and bandwidth procurement

If you wish to participate in this training, please complete the attached registration form and return it no later than 3rd July 2017 by email to the contact persons indicated in the form.

Please note there is no attendance fee charged to participate in this training. However, participants are responsible for their travel, accommodation and related expenses in Nairobi, Kenya.

We recommend participants coming outside Kenya to book with us for their accommodation, we offer affordable accommodation – more details please visit – AFRALTI Guest House.

Invitation Letter

Registration Form


Course materials

Day 1

Amended Draft Programme – Satellite Communications

Basics of Satellite Communications_presentation version

Basics of Satellite Communications-full content

Akim_Day 1-1 rev1 Overview

Akim_Day_1-2 rev1 Orbit_Spectrum International Regulatory Framework

Akim_Day 1-3 rev1 Space FSS and BSS Plans

Akim_Day 1-4 rev1 Coordination and Notification Procedures for non-planned Space Services


ITSO Kenya Intelsat Presentation V1.0 – Part 1

ITSO Kenya Intelsat Presentation V1.0 – Part 2

ITSO Kenya Intelsat Presentation V1.0 – Part 3

ITSO Kenya Intelsat Presentation V1.0 – Part 4

Day 2

Network Planning and Introduction to Link Budget Analysis

Policy and Regulatory Guidelines for Satellite Services- Presentation version

Akim_Day 2_1 rev1 Receivability

Akim_Day 2-2 BRIFIC (Space Services)

Akim_Day 2-3 Space Databases

Akim_Day 2-4 Preface to the BR IFIC (Space Services)

Akim_Day 2-5 Space Services Website

Day 3

Akim_Day 3-1 WRC Preparation

Akim_Day 3-2 WRC-15_results

ITSO Kenya Intelsat Presentation Day 3 V1.0

Day 4

Akim_Day 4-1 BRSpaceSoftware

Akim_Day 4-2 Notification of satellite networks

Akim_Day 4-3 Submission of Comments using SpaceCom

Akim_Day 4-4 Earth Station_Coordination_Notification

Akim_Day 4-5 Comments API using SpaceCom

Akim_Day 4-6 Cost Recovery



VSAT Installation and Maintenance_full content

VSAT Installation and Maintenance_presentation version

Day 5

VSAT and Bandwidth Procurement_full content

VSAT and Bandwidth Procurement_presentation version

ITSO/ITU/AFRALTI Satellite Communications, 17th-21st July 2017 – Group picture of participants

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Special lunch for Satellite Communications' participants on 21st July 2017

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