SkillsBuild For Students In Kenya

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IBM in collaboration with the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) in January 2021 partnered to roll out the SkillsBuild for Students (formerly Open p-tech 4 Africa) in Kenya in efforts to prepare the Kenyan youth for the fourth industrial revolution.

SkillsBuild offers free learning, support, and resources from secondary education (students aged 14-25) to adults seeking entry-level employment. The program believes that new, entry-level tech jobs require skills, not just degrees. We know that learners at all stages of the employment continuum need access to the skills that will allow them to compete in an ever-evolving economy.

The program has so far supported 1300 learners in Kenya in developing  soft skills (including education on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, design thinking, cyber security among others).

Students earn digital badges and certificates upon completion of the program which runs for 10 days, at 2 hours per day.  The program also caters for differently abled students such as the deaf as it has transcripts from videos that they can read through.

The program has seen the Archdiocese of Nairobi come on board to support the implementation around the country in Catholic Schools such as Mangu High School, St.Marys Boys where students have gone through the classes.

AFRALTI and IBM invites other partners to come on board and help reach all youths in Kenya in the Skillsbuild for student which is fully sponsored by IBM.

Below are some of the pictures from the ongoing program

SkillsBuild Career talk St.Mary’s Boys High School


SkillsBuild Students at AFRALTI