Software skills that transform IT infrastructure

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The networking industry is undergoing a transformation to using a software-oriented approach with APIs and automation. This change is driven by the ever-increasing complexity and size of networks due to new connections such as the IoT, as well as a need to deliver more agile networking services. This change requires a new software-oriented skillset that complements existing networking skills.

Cisco has done a lot to improve their certification over the years. They pretty much overhauled their certification program to streamline and modernize their traditional certification path for aspiring network engineers.

However, there was still something missing from those offerings: a Cisco certification for developers. With programming skills becoming table stakes for many IT roles these days, there is a clear need to validate them.

That’s where Cisco’s new DevNet comes into play — we now have a development-focused certification path in addition to the traditional network-centric options. CISCO’s DevNet Associate course teaches students the best practices of modern software development practices and DevOps, to understand and learn how to securely use APIs, and how to automate network operations using those APIs.

The Cisco Networking Academy® DevNet Associate (DEVASC) course is designed for college and university students, vocational training center students, and participants of coding bootcamps who want to understand and manipulate networks using software. The DEVASC certificate is the associate-level certification in the software-focused Cisco DevNet track. The DEVASC certification validates foundational knowledge and skills in areas like Software Development and Design, Understanding and Using APIs, Cisco Platforms and Development, Application Deployment and Security, Infrastructure and Automation, and Network Fundamentals. These software- focused areas complement networking skills from CCNA and CyberOps Associate. Together, they create a bridge between the worlds of Software Developers, Networking Engineers and, Cybersecurity Professionals.

Learners are expected to have the following skills:

  • Basic coding skills in any object-oriented programming language (loops, if/else, objects, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of computer networks (CCNA ITN level)
  • Basic PC operating system navigation skills
  • Basic internet usage skills
  • Familiarity with Cisco Packet Tracer


Automation and IoT are likely to have a huge impact on the industry. DevNet provides certification seekers a way to prepare for this shift. Opening up the world of Cisco certification to developers is exciting and has tons of potential. For employers, there is the benefit of a workforce capable of programmatically scaling and maintaining your Cisco infrastructure. For certificate-holders, you sharpen in-demand development skills and earn a certificate from a respected organization.

AFRALTI as a CISCO Academy Support Center will run its first DevNet class on 8 February 2021. Get more details on the course by writing to the CISCO administrator on