Spectrum Management Course

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Spectrum Management Course

This course considers the history and technical evolution mobile telecommunications, essential to understanding today’s business and regulatory environment for mobile. Participants will learn about how spectrum is used, the characteristics of spectrum bands and the progression of mobile technologies, leading to the new innovations, data explosion and spectrum scarcity we face today. The course is part of materials found in Mobile Policy Handbook.

Data traffic on mobile networks is skyrocketing as consumers and business people use Smartphones, laptop and dongles, tablets and other devices to engage with rich media and enjoy the full breadth of online services. Spectrum is what makes these services possible.

Often called the lifeblood of the mobile industry, spectrum relates to the radio frequencies allocated to the mobile industry and other sectors for communication over the airwaves. Governments manage spectrum as a sovereign resource and license individual frequency bands for different uses. Because the mobile industry has demonstrated — time and time again — its potential to generate economic value and social benefit, operators are urging national regulators to release sufficient, appropriate spectrum for mobile, enabling the current and future market demand to be met.

You will find useful course materials at Spectrum Management and Licensing.

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