Spectrum Management Training Programme (SMTP)

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The African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) invites applications for the Spectrum management training programme (SMTP), developed as a modularized programme by ITU. The programme is being offered by AFRALTI in partnership with ITU.


The programme is delivered by experienced lecturers and experts from reputable institutions in Africa. The SMTP is designed for individuals within ICT and telecommunications sectors who wish to enhance their knowledge and competence in the area of spectrum management. This includes engineers and managers working in telecommunications regulatory authorities, ICT service providers and other ICT stakeholders. Policy makers in ministries and government departments responsible for ICTs will also benefit from this programme.  


The SMTP will be delivered through a blended learning approach. Each module will be delivered online, through the ITU Academy platform over 4 weeks, 3 weeks of independent study and 1 week with tutor support. Participants will be required to carry out scheduled exercises and actively participate in the various discussion fora as part of the assessment. At the end of the first 4 modules, participants will receive a basic level certificate. The same methodology will apply to participants who wish to attain an advanced level certificate and have successfully completed all the required modules.


The programme comprises 5 obligatory modules and 10 elective modules. The SMTP is organized into the following study tracks:

Basic Level Certificate
Obligatory Modules

OM1 – Legal basis and regulatory framework of spectrum management
OM2 – Spectrum engineering fundamentals
OM3 – Wireless telecommunications technologies

Elective Modules (learners to choose 1 module from these)

EM1.1 – Spectrum Monitoring
EM1.2 – Enforcement and type approval of equipment
EM1.3 – SM for satellite systems
EM1.4 – SM for HF systems, science, maritime and amateur services
EM1.5 – SM for aeronautical and radio determination services and military systems
EM1.6 – Computer aided spectrum management

Advanced Level Certificate
Obligatory Modules

OM4 – Economic market tools for spectrum management
OM5 – Strategic Planning and Policies for Wireless Innovation

Elective Modules (learners to choose 2 modules from these)

EM2.1 – Advanced spectrum authorization regimes
EM2.2 – Terrestrial TV broadcasting planning and digital transition
EM2.3 – Socio economic impact of spectrum regulation, competition and consumer protection
EM2.4 – Opportunistic spectrum access and cognitive radio

After successful completion of each module, the candidate will be awarded a certificate for the module. On completion of the required number and combination modules for the basic level, as indicated in the table above, the candidate will be awarded an ITU basic level certificate. On completion of the required number and combination of modules for advanced level, as indicated in the table above, the candidate will be awarded an ITU advanced level certificate. 


The first module of this programme will be in April 2018, and the other modules will follow:

OM1 – April 2018
OM2 – May 2018
OM3 – June 2018
Elective Module – July 2018 (Completion of basic level certificate)
OM4 – September 2018
OM5 – October 2018
Elective Module – November 2018
Elective Module – December 2018

(Completion of advanced level certificate)


The tuition fees are USD 800 that covers four modules,. Administrations are encouraged to nominate their staff and notify AFRALTI in order to finalise the process admission to the SMTP.

Individuals are able to register per module on the ITU Academy platform.

Deadline for Registration is on 23rd March 2018.



This programme is open to individuals with a background in engineering, computer science and IT, business management, human resource management, law or related area.


For detailed registration information please contact:

Dr. Julius Butime
SMTP Coordinator 
+254 715 721 798
Email: jbutime@afralti.org

Ms. Janice Wanjiku
Admissions Officer
+254 724 599 812
Email: jwanjiku@afralti.org