Spectrum monitoring Training

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Spectrum monitoring training course to be presented at GEW Technologies premises in Cape Town, South Africa (27-30 March 2017)


The first step in successful spectrum monitoring starts with a solid foundation in electronic communication techniques.

This course provides experienced and knowledgeable trainers that deliver an essential background required in the field of spectrum monitoring.

Course Benefits

The training course provides operators with the key knowledge and skills that they need to perform their tasks. Further benefits include:

  • Learn to navigate regulatory requirements demands in regulatory markets
  • Cultivate the skills you need to effectively manage and monitor the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Hands-on practical experience in using the direction finding and monitoring systems.
  • Obtain competency certificate on completion of course
  • Learn the fundamentals of EMC testing

Course Modules

Day 1: Radio Spectrum Monitoring and Measurement

  • ITU role and structure in relation to monitoring
  • Role of monitoring in the spectrum management process
  • Tasks of a monitoring service
  • Monitoring and the Radio Regulations
  • Practical: Hardware & Systems

Day 2: ITU-R Measurements

  • ITU-R Reports, Recommendations and Handbooks
  • Typical measurements performed by monitoring
  • Practical: Signals & Interference

Day 3: Occupancy Measurements

  • Frequency band occupancy measurements
  • Frequency channel occupancy measurements
  • Practical: Control software
  • Spectrum Management software functions

Day 4 (Optional): EMC Fundamentals

  • Understanding EMC principles
  • EMC hardening measures and good design
  • Practical techniques


Additional Information To register for the course please contact: Quinton Gero at qgero@gew.co.za or +27 (21) 710 7487 For more info on GEW technologies please visit their website at http://www.gew.co.za/spectrum-monitoring/ For more info on the ITU please visit their website at www.itu.int Brochure Click here to view the full course brochure