As the world changes all around us, acquiring technical skills is what brings opportunity and the promise of education is what offers hope. Over the years, NetaCAD has partnered with governments, businesses, institutions and NGO’s playing a big role in bridging the gap in the digital world. 

AFRALTI as a CISCO partner for over 20 years, had the privilege of hosting the African Networking Academy Conference at its main campus in Nairobi, Kenya on the 15 – 16 Nov 2023. The conference brought together a whole host of passionate individuals who are driving change and revolutionizing the networking landscape across Africa.

The event hosted esteemed speakers including CISCO’s Country Manager Ms. Shain Rahim who shared their insights and expertise, highlighting the latest technological advancements and addressing the challenges faced in the networking industry.  

One of the highlights of the conference was the recognition of exceptional instructors and academies for FY2023. The African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) emerged as the best-performing partner for FY2023.  The top performing instructors were Samwel Kariukiof Zetech University, Geoffrey Kitoto of Kenyatta University and Allan Onyango of Kenyatta University recognized for their excellence in delivering high-quality training and empowering the next generation of networking professionals. 

Kenyatta University was also recognized for its exceptional performance as an academy and transformative efforts in offering world-class networking education. Their dedication to nurturing talent and shaping future leaders has been truly commendable. 

CISCO continues to work with AFRALTI in providing global and inclusive access for all people to participate in the evolving digital workforce.  

The Cisco Networking Academy is one of the longest-standing IT skills-to-jobs programs in the world. It aims to transform the lives of learners, educators, and communities through the power of technology, education, and career opportunities to power an inclusive future for all.