International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council, is a multidisciplinary institution of global Information Security organization, dedicated at creating knowledge, facilitating innovation, executing research, implementing development, and nurturing subject matter experts in-order to provide their unique skills and niche expertise in cyber security.

The world’s leading organizations including the Pentagon, White House, US Army, US Navy, DoD, FBI, Microsoft, IBM, and the United Nations have trusted EC-Council to develop and advance their security infrastructure.

40+ Certifications with Content Created & IP Owned by EC-Council | 237,000+ Certified Members | 3000+ Tools & Technologies | 2800+ Training Partners | 2000+ Certified Instructors | 350+ Subject Matter Experts | Presence in 145+ Countries | Training Modes – Classroom Training (ILT), Live Online Training (VILT) & Self-paced Training


Our Cyber Security Course Portfolio:
  • Computer & Network Security Fundamentals
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (Including Ethical Hacking)
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Network Defence and Operations
  • Software Securities
  • Governance

EC-Council Courses

Certified Penetration Tester (CPENT)

EC-Council’s Certified Penetration Tester (CPENT) program teaches you how to perform an effective penetration test in an enterprise network environment ...
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CEH Practical Exam E/V (CEH)

CEH Practical is a 6-hour, rigorous exam that requires you to demonstrate skills and abilities of ethical hacking techniques such ...
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Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking – (FD EH)

Ethical Hacking Fundamentals (E|HF) is an entry-level security program covering the fundamental concepts of information security. It equips students with ...
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Fundamentals of Network Security (FD NS)

Network Security Fundamentals (N|SF) is an entry-level security program covering the fundamental concepts of network security. It enables students with ...
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Fundamentals of Computer Forensics (FD CF)

Computer Forensics Fundamentals (C|FF) is an entry-level security program covering the fundamental concepts of information security. Through this program, students ...
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Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)

The purpose of the CSCU training program is to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their ...
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EC-Council Security Specialist (ECSS)

EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (ECSS) allows students to enhance their skills in three different areas namely information security, network security, ...
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EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)

The EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES) program introduces professionals and students to the field of cryptography. The participants will learn ...
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Certified SOC Analyst (CSA)

The Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) program is the first step to joining a security operations center (SOC). It is engineered ...
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Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) is designed and developed in collaboration with cybersecurity and threat intelligence experts across the globe ...
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EC-Council Incident Handling (ECIH)

The EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) program is designed to provide the fundamental skills to handle and respond to the ...
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Disaster Recovery (EDRP)

The EDRP certification is aimed at educating and validating a candidate’s ability to plan, strategize, implement, and maintain a business ...
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Certified Network Defender (CND)

The Certified Network Defender (CND) certification program focuses on creating Network Administrators who are trained on protecting, detecting and responding ...
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Certified Application Security Engineer (.NET/JAVA) – CASE.NET/CASE JAVA

The CASE credential tests the critical security skills and knowledge required throughout a typical software development life cycle (SDLC), focusing ...
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Licensed Penetration Tester – LPT (Master)

The LPT (Master) is the world’s first fully online, remotely proctored LPT (Master) practical exam, which challenges the candidates through ...
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EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)

The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certification is a security credential like no other. The ECSA program offers a seamless ...
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ECSA Practical Exam E/V (ECSA)

ECSA (Practical) is a 12-hour, rigorous practical exam built to test your penetration testing skills. ECSA (Practical) presents you with ...
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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation is the process of detecting hacking attacks and properly extracting evidence to report the crime and ...
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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course is a comprehensive ethical hacking and information systems security assessment program focusing on latest security ...
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