Computer Forensics Fundamentals (C|FF) is an entry-level security program covering the fundamental concepts of information security. Through this program, students can build skills to identify information security threats which reflect on the security posture of the organization and implement general security controls.

This program gives a holistic overview of the key components of computer forensics. It provides a solid fundamental knowledge required for a career in computer forensics.

The Computer Forensics Fundamentals course significantly benefits students interested in learning the fundamentals of computer forensics.

  • It facilitates your entry into the world of computer forensics
  • It provides a professional understanding of the concepts of computer forensics
  • It enhances your skills as a Computer Forensics Specialist and increases your employability

Who is it for?

The Computer Forensics Fundamentals course is designed for anyone looking to enhance their skills and build a career in information security and computer forensics.


Learning Objectives of the C|FF Program

  • Understanding the key issues plaguing the computer forensics
  • Learn the trademark, copyright, and patents
  • Master the incident handling and response process
  • Master cyber-crime and computer forensics investigation methodology
  • Understand the different types of digital evidence and digital evidence examination process
  • Understand the different types of file systems and their comparison (based on limit and features)
  • Learn to gather volatile and non-volatile information from Windows and network forensics analysis mechanism
  • Understand steganography and its techniques
  • Gain an understanding of the different types of log capturing, time synchronization, and log capturing tools
  • Master the art of e-mail tracking and e-mail crime investigation
  • Learn to write an investigation report
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