In a convergence of technical minds and innovative spirits, AFRALTI embarked on a journey to enhance capacity on the Internet of Things (IoT) alongside a hackathon at Mama Ngina University. This event, in partnership with iLab Africa and WaziUp, aimed to empower students to develop IoT solutions to address societal issues.

AFRALTI experts built capacity on IoT fundamentals, sensor technologies, data analytics, and cloud integration. Students explored concepts like MQTT protocol, Arduino programming, and IoT platform selection. Hands-on sessions and real-world case studies enriched their understanding of IoT applications in various industries.

Armed with newfound knowledge, students collaborated in interdisciplinary teams to brainstorm and ideate innovative IoT solutions. Mentors from iLab Africa and WaziUp guided project scoping, hardware selection, and software development. Students learned to leverage open-source IoT platforms like WaziUp for rapid prototyping and deployment.

Driven by a passion for impact, students harnessed their technical skills to build IoT solutions that tackled pressing societal challenges. Projects ranged from smart waste management systems using ultrasonic sensors to remote health monitoring devices integrating IoT sensors and mobile applications. Each team iteratively refined their solutions based on feedback from mentors and peers.

On the final day, Mama Ngina University buzzed with anticipation as students presented their IoT solutions to a panel of judges comprising industry experts and AFRALTI representatives. Demonstrations featured live data streaming, anomaly detection algorithms, and visualization dashboards. The creativity and technical prowess displayed by the students showcased the potential of IoT in driving positive change in society.

Beyond the event, AFRALTI continued to support the students in refining their IoT prototypes, scaling their solutions, and exploring opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures. The collaborative efforts of AFRALTI, Mama Ngina University, iLab Africa, and WaziUp laid the foundation for a thriving ecosystem of IoT innovators poised to make a lasting impact on their communities.

In conclusion, the AFRALTI IoT capacity building and hackathon event at Mama Ngina University exemplified the power of technical education, hands-on learning, and collaborative innovation in shaping a future where IoT is leveraged for solving real-world challenges in society.