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AFRALTI in collaboration with Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is pleased to inform you on upcoming Training Workshop on IPv6 Applications and Challenges. The training will take place at Naura Springs Hotel in Arusha starting from 1st to 5th December 2014.

Course Overview

IPv6, or Internet Protocol Version 6, is the “Next Generation” protocol designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to replace IPv4, the version that has been in use for nearly two decades. With the pervasive IP enable smart phones and other appliances the IPv4 addresses are getting exhausted at an alarming rate.

IPv6 overcomes some of the limitations of IPv4, such as the limited address space, while introducing a number of enhancements in areas such as routing, network device autoconfiguration, mobility, security and quality of service. With the momentum for migration to IPv6 growing worldwide, it has become an important area of study for all involved in Internetworking.

This course deals with all of the key issues of implementing and configuring IPv6 networks.

  • Quick review of the IPv4 addressing, configuration, subnetting and routing functionality.
  • Study the basics of IPv6 addressing and continue into the comprehensive discussion of implementation and routing functions.
  • Finish up with a study of the mechanisms that facilitate the co-existence of IPv4 and IPv6.


Target Audience

This course is aimed at the IT and Telecommunications professionals and managers who are charged with implementing IPv6 or who wish to keep up with the evolving next generation networks.

Course Outline – IPV6 Migration Applications & Challenges

Registration Form – IPv6