Mapinfo Professional Training Course

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You have bought your software solution, and now require immediate results from your staff. Our courses will enable your staff to deliver! People who attend training courses have a better understanding of the software and are able to get up and running in a much shorter time. Our training exposes people to all the functionality of the software, which gives the trainee an understanding of what is possible, over and above the obvious.

Our training also teaches people how to use the software correctly. Often self-taught people may not realise the most efficient manner to complete certain tasks. Attending our training courses also broadens perspective by exposing your staff to others who are also using the software, and they learn how the software is being used in different ways.

People learn better and retain more knowledge when they are given individual attention. Spatial Technologies has taken this into account when designing the MapInfo courses we offer. Small class sizes allow the trainer to focus on each trainee, providing the student with individual attention. All learning is based on tutorials where students are expected to complete exercises, working hands-on with the software and the data. This ensures that the training is more effective than in a large classroom.

Spatial Technologies delivers a course every month. These courses make use of the latest version of MapInfo Professional ensuring that trainees are entirely up-to-date. Customised courses are designed around the specific needs of those clients who have requirements outside of our regular training.


  • Windows (Map, browser, legend, graph, layout, redistrict)
  • Map Tools & Selecting
  • Geocoding & Create Points
  • Paper & Digital Map Production
  • Intro to Thematic Mapping
  • Intro to SQL Querying
  • Using Attribute Data
  • Import & ODBC
  • Raster & 3D Mapping
  • Advanced Thematics & Map Joins
  • Table Maintenance
  • Object Creation & Editing
  • Intro to Crystal Reporting
Windows Operating Systems Basic PC Knowledge
Who Should Attend
First time Users & Managers


Download – MapInfo Course Structure.pdf


Topics Per Day to be Covered:
[tab] [tab_item title=”Day 1″]
  • Intro
  • What is GIS?
  • Vector Data
  • Projection
  • Layers
  • Main Toolbar
  • Clone/Previous/Change Views
  • Layer control
  • Browser & Map Windows
  • Browsers
  • Selecting
  • Selection Tools
[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Day 2″]
  • Geocoding
  • Creating Points
  • Tables & Field Types
  • Create a new table
  • Table Maintenance
  • Structure of MI files – ID,IND, TAB etc
  • Appending of tables
  • Update column
[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Day 3″]
  • Raster Images
  • Import/Export
  • Shape Files
  • Thematic Mapping
  • 3D/Prism Mapping
[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Day 4″]
  • Digitising
  • Drawing Toolbar
  • Sql Queries
  • Joins – Geographical & Relational
  • Redistricting(depending on time)
[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Day 5″]
  • ODBC connections
  • Printing
  • Custom Symbols
  • Tool Manager
  • Crystal Reports
  • Google
[/tab_item] [/tab]