Advanced Modern Executive Assistant Training, Nyanga, Zimbabwe, 19th – 23rd Sept 2016

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AFRALTI jointly with POTRAZ will be running a course on Advanced Modern Executive Assistant Training at Troutbeck Resort, Nyanga, Zimbabwe.

Course Overview

In today’s fast paced lifestyle many employers rely a great deal on their executive assistants to help plan, organize and run their office or organization, whether it be to maintain a diary, make appointments or answer phone calls, this coupled with the role of the modern Executive Assistant constantly changing and evolving, EAs have to develop managerial-level skills in order to provide first class personal assistance to their boss. They also have to be an asset to their organization by increasing productivity and adding value to their working partnership. To accomplish this EAs need the kind of ideas and work-smart techniques that can only be gained from this first-class EA training.

Training is an investment, not an expense. It is maintenance for EAs. A significant number of senior executives attribute as much as 40% of their productivity to their EA; therefore, EAs need maintenance and upgrades even more than machines do.  It is prudent that executives give priority to training the EA they intend to keep. This programme provides the learner with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to competently accomplish executive assistant tasks to the best of their abilities

 Target Audience

This skills programme is designed for the public and private sector and is aimed at:

Individuals who require learning to excel in the functions needed to competently perform EA duties necessary for the working environment.

Course Title: Advanced Modern Executive Assistant Training

Date: 19th-23rd September 2016 or 3rd-7th October 2016

Venue: Troutbeck Resort, Nyanga, Zimbabwe

Tuition Fee: USD1,200 for AFRALTI Member States; USD1,440 for Non-AFRALTI Member States

Registration Forms

Registration Form for AFRALTI Members

Registration Form for Non-AFRALTI Members

Country Information

For more details contact the following people


Ms. Norah Zaranyika


Tel: +263 712 871 341



Mr. Jonathan P. Mwakijele


Tel: +254 718 860 897


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