Phase II of the Child Online Protection Campaign

The  Communications  Authority  of Kenya  (CA)  is the regulatory  agency of the Information Communications  and Technology  (ICT)  sector  in  Kenya  with  regulatory  oversight  over the provision of telecommunications, radio communications, broadcasting, electronic transactions and postal/courier services.  The Authority is also responsible for managing the country’s  numbering and frequency spectrum resources, administering the Universal Service Fund (USF) as well as protecting the interests of consumers of ICT services.

In light  of the  fact that  children  and the  youth are increasingly  being  exposed to risks  and vulnerabilities in the cyberspace through the use of Internet, the Authority has in place a Child Online Protection (COP) campaign dubbed  Be The COP. This multi-stakeholder approach to protect children online was developed in 2015 in collaboration with key stakeholders locally and internationally.

The first phase of the campaign targeted parents,  guardians and teachers with a view to increase their level of awareness of the dangers that exist online, and to provide them with information on how they can encourage responsible Internet usage.

The Authority unveiled the second phase of the campaign. This phase focuses on initiatives that will have a long-term impact through awareness creation and skills development, enabling children and the youth to exploit the full potential of the Internet in a safe manner.

The Phase II of the Child Online Protection Campaign will be executed under the theme Huwezi Tucheza,  Tuko Cyber Smart and is expected to run for a period of three (3) months.