Practical IoT for Personal Development, A Smart Home Tutorial

👤 By 🕓 Posted: 31 / 03 / 2020 | 👁 Views: 2,965

We present Practical IoT for Personal Development, a pragmatic IoT tutorial for the busy Kenyan professional. For maximal hands-on experience, its theme is heavily oriented towards Do-it-Yourself (DIY) IoT use cases for the Connected Home (CH), as well as the harness of Open Source (O/S) and commodity IoT devices/components. Included in the discussion are pertinent trends such as AI integration at the edge accompanied by complete templates for further prototype development.

A few of the DIY projects and CH solutions on the Raspberry Pi and the ESP8266 include:

  • A complete and scalable DIY IoT LED-strip lighting solution for the Connected Home
  • An Internet-accessible, yet fully-edge DIY home surveillance multi-cam CCTV solution with IoT interfaces for edge-AI integration


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