Telecommunications Market Analysis, Numbering Plan and Tariff Regulations

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Duration: 10 Days

Date: 4th-15th November 2019

Venue: AFRALTI, Nairobi, Kenya.


Until the late 1980s, governments around the world owned and operated telecommunications markets on monopoly basis. During this period (monopoly era) there was no competition and regulations of telecommunications tariffs, as a result there was anti-competitive behavior and very high telecommunications tariff in the telecoms sector.

In the early 1990s, the government around the world reformed the telecommunications sector by liberalizing the telecommunications markets and opening them up to competition. This reform brought up new entrants especially mobile communications network operators and entered into the telecommunications markets. The new entrants competed with the incumbent fixed telecommunications network operators.  The reform also established National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) to regulate the telecommunications tariffs and analyse the telecommunications markets as part of their duties to promote the effective competition and economic efficiency of the country

Therefore, this course presents framework for the analysis of the telecommunications markets and regulations of the tariffs.

Target Audience

Communications Regulators, Telecommunications Engineers, Economics, Accountants and Policy Makers

Pain Points

Most of the NRAs in the developing countries have not yet analysed effectively their telecommunications markets and tariffs as a result their telecommunications markets and tariffs are still anti-competitive. Therefore, the need for this course is justified to provide the NRAs knowledge and skills for analysing properly the telecommunications markets and regulating effectively the tariffs

Value Proposition

At the end of the course, participants will be able to analyse properly the telecommunications markets and regulate effectively the telecommunications tariffs.

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