Wireless and Broadcast Technologies, 7th-18th May 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

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Wireless and Broadcast Technologies, 7th-18th May 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

Course Overview: This module introduces and provides an understanding of communication networks, wireless communication technology, wireless networking, wireless LANs. Various aspects of wireless networking will be covered including: fundamentals of cellular communication, mobile radio propagation, multiple access techniques, and mobility support, channel allocation, Wireless PAN/LAN/MAN standards, mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, and routing in wireless and mobile networks.  This course will also cover broadcast technologies and demonstrate how they offload mobile networks.

 Target Audience: Engineers / Technicians /Network Designers & Planners / Design & Deployment Engineers/ Network Integration & Operations Engineers/Telecom Regulators

 Pre-requisite/s: Basic understanding of RF, telecommunications systems and data networks

 Pain Points: With advancements in wireless technologies, there is need to understand how new technologies will fit in the ecosystem and the regulatory challenges they will present.

 Value Proposition: This course will help participants understand, analyze and perform technical, business and regulation analysis for wireless and broadcast technologies.

 Methodology: Presentation slides and videos

Workshop Objectives: To provide an understanding of wireless and broadcast technologies and how they provide for mobility and flexibility in telecommunications engineering as well as the challenges they present.

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