Advanced Mobile Technologies 4G/5G, 12th-23rd February 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

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Advanced Mobile Technologies 4G/5G, 12th-23rd February 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

Course Overview: This course covers the anatomy of 4G, LTE-Advanced which is the bridge between 4G and 5G, what 5G is, the 5G technology drivers that are shaping the 5G wireless standards and the market landscape of 5G. It also covers the major approaches to the 5G standards, the technologies that will play a major role in 5G, and the services and applications of 5G.

 Target Audience: Engineers / Technicians /Network Designers & Planners / Design & Deployment Engineers/ Network Integration & Operations Engineers/Telecom Regulators

 Pre-requisite/s: Basic knowledge of the current wireless and mobile communications systems and standards

 Pain Points: Mobile network technology is moving at a relentless pace, and its being built around not one, but two industry juggernauts: Fourth-generation wireless and fifth-generation wireless. The assimilation of the Internet of Things (IoT) world into both 4G and 5G technologies makes this wireless labyrinth even harder to get around.

 Value Proposition: The 5G wireless technology is based upon modified 4G, which at present is facing many problems to meet its performance goals. An ideal 5G wireless technology to accommodate the challenges and shortfalls of 4G deployments will be discussed.

 Methodology: Presentation slides and videos

Workshop Objectives: To provide an understanding of advanced mobile technologies 4G/5G and how the 5G wireless technology helps to solve the problems of poor coverage, bad interconnectivity, poor quality of service and flexibility.

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