The African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) and Acyberschool have joined forces in a landmark collaboration that is set to elevate cybersecurity and telecommunications education, research, and innovation in Africa.

The partnership capitalizes on AFRALTI’s robust institutional capacity and esteemed reputation in the telecommunications and ICT sector, coupled with Acyberschool’s proficiency in cybersecurity certifications, research, and development. By uniting these strengths, the collaboration aims to bridge the cybersecurity-telecommunications gap, while empowering professionals with the requisite skills to navigate the dynamic digital landscape effectively.

At the heart of this strategic alliance lies the design and implementation of collaborative cybersecurity training and certification programs. These initiatives will combine the expertise of both institutions to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art training tailored to meet the demands of telecom professionals and regulators. Through a curriculum enriched with industry insights, emerging technologies, and real-world case studies, the programs ensure practical and up-to-date training outcomes.

Furthermore, the partnership extends beyond training programs through the Acyberschool AFRALTI Hub a research and innovation center designed to foster collaboration between industry and students with hands on problem solving and testing real world application of acquired cybersecurity skills. The hub will fortify knowledge sharing and skills transfer through workshops, seminars, and events that cultivate a vibrant community of practice. These platforms will foster knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and continuous professional development, enriching the cybersecurity and telecommunications ecosystem in Africa.

Research and innovation represent key pillars of the collaboration, driving joint initiatives focused on addressing cybersecurity challenges unique to the African ICT sector. By pooling their expertise, AFRALTI and Acyberschool will contribute not only to academic advancements but also to the development of pragmatic cybersecurity solutions. Exploring cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, the partnership will position both institutions as pioneers in technological innovation and solution crafting in the region.

Through this synergistic partnership, AFRALTI and Acyberschool envision bolstering cybersecurity defenses across Africa, fostering a safer and more secure digital landscape for all stakeholders.