AFRALTI through its IoT Hub is honored to be selected as one of the recipients of the prestigious HUBiquitous H2020 TecHub Catalyst Program, funded by the European Union. This remarkable program is set to elevate the hub as a beacon of technological innovation, skill enhancement, and entrepreneurial advancement within AFRALTI’s ecosystem, marking a new chapter in its journey toward excellence in IoT.

The overarching goal of the HUBiquitous program is to forge a collaborative Africa-Europe Startup & Innovation Ecosystem, fostering long-term partnerships and collaborations. The program aimed at enhancing the technological capacity and building the capabilities of 30 local Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs)/TechHubs across 5 African countries.

Central to the program is the concept of Innovation Enablers, including the Solution Lab, Application Business Box, and MeetHub online platform. These enablers are designed to equip DIHs and startups/entrepreneurs with technical expertise in disruptive technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data, while also nurturing entrepreneurial development skills essential for sustainable growth.

Through the Talent program, AFRALTI’s IoT Hub personnel are set to undergo comprehensive IoT training, empowering them with invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience in the field. The Accelerator program aims to catalyze the creation of innovative applications and services, leveraging the power of IoT to drive impactful solutions. Finally, the Community program soughts to foster a vibrant Africa-Europe start-up and innovation network, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange.

As the HUBiquitous H2020 TecHub Catalyst Program unfolds, AFRALTI’s IoT Hub envisions a future where local talents are nurtured, groundbreaking applications are developed, and a thriving community of innovators is cultivated. The transformative impact of this initiative promises to not only elevate the technological prowess of the hub but also contribute to the broader ecosystem of innovation in Africa and Europe.

With the unwavering support of the European Union and the shared vision of building a sustainable and collaborative innovation landscape, AFRALTI’s IoT Hub stands poised to harness the power of IoT and drive positive change in the digital age. The journey ahead is filled with promise and potential, as AFRALTI’s IoT Hub embarks on this transformative adventure towards a brighter, more innovative future.