Risk Management and Information Systems Control, 4th-10th January 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

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AFRALTI will conducting a Training Workshop on Risk Management and Information Systems Control from 4th to 10th January 2018 at our premises.


In today’s business environment, enterprises need to innovate in order to survive and flourish. Innovation, however, almost always involves risk. To maintain or attain their competitiveness, future-thinking enterprise leaders are increasingly recognizing the need for professionals who understand technology, and specifically how to implement and align effective risk management and control frameworks with their enterprise’s business goals.

This course has been developed to help meet the rising demand for professionals with this critical blend of technical and business understanding and fully understand risk management.

When a student leaves this 5-day intensive class they will have deep understanding and experience in all facets of risk management.


IT professionals interested in understanding risk and information systems controls. This course is for IT professionals, risk professionals, business analysts, project manager and/or compliance professionals, seeking to learn how to work towards evaluation and mitigation of enterprise risks. These include:

  • IT professionals
  • Risk professionals
  • Control professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Compliance professionals


The course is delivered using a blended learning model of lectures, discussions, case studies, assessment and practical exercises using a highly-structured, learner-centered teaching methodology that ensures maximum learning. Helpful learning resources will be provided.


The course covers the following four security domain:

 Domain 1—Risk Identification

Identify the universe of IT risk to contribute to the execution of the IT risk management strategy in support of business objectives and in alignment with the enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy.

Domain 2—IT Risk Assessment

Analyze and evaluate IT risk to determine the likelihood and impact on business objectives to enable risk-based decision making.

Domain 3—Risk Response and Mitigation

Determine risk response options and evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness to manage risk in alignment with business objectives.

Domain 4—Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting

Continuously monitor and report on IT risk and controls to relevant stakeholders to ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of the IT risk management strategy and its alignment to business objectives.

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