Hosted at the Imperial Golf View Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda, by the Uganda Communications Commission, the AFRALTI Governing Council, consisting of member states from the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute, convened to assess and evaluate the institute’s activities and performance for the fiscal year 2023-2024.

The session commenced with an official opening by Honorable Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, Uganda’s Minister for ICT & National Guidance, who expressed his honour in hosting the council meeting. He emphasized the importance of providing a platform for delegates to exchange ideas and experiences on strategically contributing to the growth of the ICT sector through human resource development in their respective countries.

Uganda assumed the chairmanship of the Governing Council for the forthcoming year, under the leadership of Mr. Nnyombi Thembo, the Executive Director of the Uganda Communications Commission. In his address, Mr. Thembo reiterated Uganda’s unwavering commitment to the principle of “leave no one behind” and urged member states to provide targeted support to assist countries in addressing challenges without imposing any conditions.

Recognizing the pervasive issue of high internet costs across Africa, Mr. Thembo urged the AFRALTI member states in attendance to collaboratively tackle this challenge.

The Governing Council comprises representatives from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, the Kingdom of Eswatini, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and The Gambia.

AFRALTI has been actively engaged in building capacity, providing consultancy services, and conducting research in the ICT sector, contributing to the development and advancement of information and communication technologies across Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.