Learn How To Code in Python!

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Are you programming enthusiast, hobbyist or an entry-level programmer?

If so, then grab this one of a kind exciting offer.. You’ll not only enjoy this course, but it will also equip you with today’s most valuable tech skill – programming!

But why learn Python? Learn more about this course here: www.afralti.org/python

Or click here to download the course outline.


About This Course

Course Title: Programming in Python

Course Duration: 2 Weeks

Course Dates: 13 Sept – 24 Sept 2021; 27 Sep – 8 Oct 2021; 25 Oct – 5 Nov 2021; 25 Jan – 5 Feb 2022; 15 Mar – 26 Mar 2022

Target Audience: Entry-level programmers (including high-school leavers)

Prerequisites: None, but basic computer skills will be useful.

Course Methodology: Instructor-led training with intensive coding exercises to make students grasp
the programming concepts and think like programmers.




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